Social Media Cheat Sheet

Social Media Cheat Sheet

When it comes to marketing your brand, it’s no secret that social media is vital. The issue that many businesses run into, is how to take full advantage of each social media platform. When used incorrectly, social media is a complete waste of time and money. It’s important to know which platforms are right for your business and how each platform can be utilized to its full potential.

We’ve made a social media checklist to help grow your social media kingdom and optimize your brand presence. We know, there are many other social platforms out there, but we found the following 5 to be the most beneficial for designers and shop owners. These platforms are your most important marketing tools. Use them correctly and your following can only grow!



Sure, Facebook has been around for ages, but it will never become outdated. It’s the largest social media platform and one of the most efficient ways to gain exposure from a relevant audience. Facebook is one of the first places consumers go to find information on a business. If your business isn’t on Facebook, we promise, your competitors will be. Be sure to use Facebook to its full potential and post content that will draw your audience in. You won’t regret it!

Daily Checklist:

  • “Like” up to 5 relevant pages each day
  • Post 1-2 original content posts
  • Share at least 1 post from a relevant user
  • Respond to call comments and messages
  • Research trending topics and keywords
  • Tag or mention a brand



Twitter may seem intimidating because it’s so fast-paced, but in these tech-savvy times, fast-paced is what your business needs. Twitter isn’t just a great tool to efficiently drive traffic to your website, it’s also one of the best tools to promote new designs, deals and promotions. It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re trying to grow, Twitter is an essential. If you’re not promoting your shop on twitter, start now and start engaging.

Daily Checklist:

  • Retweet or tweet at 5-7 relevant tweets
  • Respond to any tweets or direct messages
  • Follow 7 new relevant accounts
  • Research trending hashtags
  • Schedule at least 5 original tweets each day



If your business isn’t already on Instagram, then you should rethink your marketing plan. One of Instagram’s biggest advantages is it’s perceived as a communication tool, not a marketing tool. By engaging users visually, Instagram allows your brand to tell a story and connect with your audience on a personal level. Don’t leave your fans in the dark, let them know what your business is all about! If you’re new to Instagram, check our our blog post, How to Promote Your Designs on Instagram!

Daily Checklist:

  • Post 1-2 pictures
  • Respond to any messages or comments
  • Follow at least 7 new relevant accounts
  • Comment on at least 5 relevant accounts that don’t follow you
  • Research trending hashtags
  • “Like” at least 10 posts from relevant accounts



While Pinterest isn’t as crucial for every business, it’s one of the strongest tools for promoting merchandise. Like Instagram, Pinterest is a visual platform using pictures to engage users. What sets Pinterest apart from Instagram, is its ability to drive massive amount of traffic to the right places. By pinning different images and linking them to your website, your followers basically do the marketing for you. If one of your pins is shared, then a whole new spectrum of people will be reached.

Daily Checklist:

  • Reply to any comments
  • Repin at least 5 old posts
  • Like at least 12 images from relevant accounts
  • Constantly pin from Pinterest’s Smart Feed
  • Research trending keywords
  • Create at least 3 new pins each day

Blog Platform


Blogging is one of the easiest ways to generate content and improve SEO for your business. By using relevant keywords in your blog postings, your brand reach will continuously increase. Blogging is also an efficient way to keep your audience in the loop and educated about your brand. Think of blogging as the fuel to your brand presence. If it’s generating content, then it’s generating awareness.

Daily Checklist:

  • Respond to comments
  • Promote your posts on all relevant social media channels
  • Check and respond to emails
  • Edit and schedule posts for the week
  • Comment on at least 5 relevant blog posts
  • Update any old blog posts
  • Save at least 5 relevant blog posts

No two social media platforms are the same. That’s what it’s important to utilize each platform correctly and know how each tool can benefit your business. It may seem like a lot of work at a glance, but if you plan ahead and keep this checklist handy, then upkeeping each social media account will be a breeze!

Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • Use a scheduling tool
  • Make note of upcoming holidays
  • Jump on any trending events or relevant breaking news
  • Frequently analyze competitors
  • Use a reporting tool
  • Analyze best posting times for your business
  • Create a strong header image
  • Make a content calendar and plan ahead

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3 months ago

The social media sites differ from one another. Because of this, it’s crucial to use each platform effectively and understand how each tool may help your organisation with online web design and development company UK.

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5 months ago

Indeed, as the number of social media users grows fast, social media marketing has surpassed traditional marketing as the most effective way to promote your company.

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7 months ago

Indeed social media has become the biggest platform to promote your brands as the number of users of social media is increasing rapidly and now even big organizations preferred social media marketing rather than traditional marketing.

8 months ago

You have missed one most important platform and that is linked in as we all know that linked-in is one of the best platforms in order to promote your brand or even for the employees also who like to have a sustainable job.

1 year ago

Wow! It helps to grow your social media kingdom and optimize your brand presence.

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1 year ago

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Jay Anwer
1 year ago

Strange you havent mentioned LinkedIn in your list, it’s the best platform where you can actually end up landing a job or business. People looking for affordable web design services have contacted me several times through LinkedIn.

SEO consultant in Pakistan

Being a professional SEO expert I will prefer social media marketing to promote my brand or service because digital marketing is more cheaper and appropriate if you will compare it with the traditional marketing techniques.

2 years ago

I have benefited a lot from reading this article. Thank you very much for doing this article.
thanks regard

2 years ago
Reply to  ezikweb

Thaaanks for the nice feedback 🙂

Mark | ExpertWeb
4 years ago

for past few years facebook became attractive place for advertiser rather then search engine, most of the people prefers social media marketing because its affordable then search engine marketing

Umer @ Found
4 years ago

Being a Digital marketer, I usually focus more on the social media marketing, rather than SEO and Content Marketing. Actually, In my opinion, social media engages the right audience in a quicker way, while SEO is the source of bulk traffic, which is sometimes not relevant. Nice to read this incredible!

4 years ago

Another informative and helpful Spreadshirt Blog post. Even after years of having several Social Media accounts, I’m still not seeing a high number of RT’s, Favs, Likes, Reposts etc.

I’m definitely going to try some of these Social Media “cheats”.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!


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