Shop of the Month: Briangambles

Shop of the Month: Briangambles

Prior to 2017, Brian Christopher was already well on his way to internet stardom. The YouTube sensation, who spends most of his waking hours filming himself competing in slots games, has already generated close to 60,000 YouTube subscribers, close to 6,500 Facebook likes, and more than 2,700 Instagram followers. Of course, aside from his earnings in the casino, Brian was looking for a way to monetize his online success. That’s when the slots aficionado came across Spreadshirt, and he’s quickly become one of our top sellers in only a year’s time! Brian is the perfect example of how a YouTube star can earn some extra money by selling merchandise via Spreadshirt. We asked him a few questions about his YouTube fame and Spreadshirt success, which could help those who are looking to earn some extra dough from their channels…



Age: Millennial

Current location: Los Angeles

Current job: YouTube Creator

Previous jobs: Actor

When did you join Spreadshirt? 2017




Hey, Brian. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. How’d you initially get into gambling? What inspired you to make a YouTube channel, and what was your initial goal?

I’ve always enjoyed gambling and going to the casino once or twice a year. Before traveling to Vegas for my first time, I went to YouTube to research the hot spots and which games to play. That’s when I realized there was this collection of people posting videos of themselves gambling. I saw how they did it and thought, I could do that…so I did! To be honest, I had zero intentions of them going viral the way they did, and I only posted them for fun. Due to their success, I decided to continue with them and see where this path would lead me.

You’re constantly pumping out videos and posts. When pushing your products on your channels, do you have a specific marketing strategy? How do you keep fans engaged?

I’ll only make one or two posts per month on social media about a new design or a sale. I also listen to my fans, and if they have a great idea, I’ll create a new design based on their advice! Getting fans involved is a sure way to add some excitement. In the past, I had a t-shirt contest where I had them come up with a funny saying that would work well on a shirt. The winner was sent a shirt with their design!

Some of your designs are more simple, while others are a bit complex. Are you responsible for designing your products? How do you juggle typography and designs?

You don’t need to be a designer to create a t-shirt, so long as the message resonates with your audience. For the longest time my apparel only had words on them. A lot of my biggest selling shirts are ones that just say ‘RUDE’ or ‘DELICIOUS’ on them (sayings I utter a lot in the casino), and they work in any scenario. I play around with different sayings and designs every month. Staying true to my brand is what is most important to me. I have recently had a friend help spruce up a few of my designs with fun typography to give it more of a professional feel. Since then, my sales have continued to climb.

You’ve got a lot on your plate. How much time do you spend uploading designs and refining your Spreadshop?

Every two months or so I will spend a couple hours reviewing what styles have done well and which have not. I’ll also update items based on upcoming events or the time of year, as tank tops clearly won’t sell as well during the winter. I hope to continue growing my collection and having new and exciting apparel for every season and holiday.

How did you first become aware of Spreadshirt? What made you want to sell shirts through your own shop?

I researched the top YouTubers on the internet to see who they were using. I compared what each company had to offer, and I found Spreadshirt to be the easiest and most cost-effective. I love the fact that every item is customizable. Some of my fans have taken my designs and added their names to them, changed the color or font, and even placed my t-shirt design onto a mug or sticker.

You’re a Spreadshirt veteran. Can you give three tips for Spreadshirt rookies?

  • More is not always better. Start with basic designs that you know will resonate with your audience, and slowly grow your collection as time goes on.
  • Always pay attention to upcoming sales and discounts, because who doesn’t want to save money?
  • Listen to your audience. Ask them what they want to see in the shop!

Why do you think you’re one of the top Spreadshirt Shop Owners?

I created this shop for my fans. They are the most incredible group of people, and for whatever reason, they have decided that I’m kind of fun to watch and wanted to support me. I do it for them so that they can share their pride with the world. Getting extra income on the side is also a bonus!

Finally, have you found there to be any similarities between gambling and selling on Spreadshirt?

Don’t play to win a jackpot, play to have a good time!

Thanks, Brian! It’s always insightful to talk with a YouTube and Spreadshirt star!

You can follow Brian on his YouTube Channel, website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat.

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