Why Shop Owners Should Invest in Facebook Advertising

Why Shop Owners Should Invest in Facebook Advertising

It takes time to build a brand. Raising awareness and obtaining loyal customers isn’t always easy. However, we’re about to let you in on a little secret on how to kickstart your merch business with Facebook advertising.

While it’s very possible to have a successful Spreadshop without any investing anything at all, a couple dollars can go a long way with Facebook. It’s an effective way to broaden your reach and expose your amazing merch to thousands of potential customers.

Just $5 will do the trick!

We’re living in a time where people spend a huge portion of their day on social media. Facebook alone has over a billion active users, so why pass up such a great advertising opportunity? More and more businesses are experiencing undeniable success with advertising through Facebook, so jump in and give it a try!

What can a $5 investment do for you?

  • Target exactly where and who you want to advertise to. Facebook’s targeting parameters will allow you to reach anything from countries, to professions, even to unique interests.
  • Fast results. The best part of Facebook advertising it that it’s quick. You won’t have to play the waiting game to see results.
  • Expose your ad campaign to THOUSANDS of people. Yes, you heard us right, thousands of people that will LOVE your merchandise.
  • You’ll be impressed with the amount of traffic your shop will gain with such a small investment.

Get started with Facebook Advertising

Whether you’re looking to boost sales or ready to make your first sale, there are a couple things you should know before diving into Facebook advertising.

  • Have an ad campaign goal in mind
  • Know your audience so your targeting is accurate
  • Create an eye-catching ad that will draw in consumers
  • Consider the best time for your ad to go live

Next, you’ll want to visit Facebook and

  • Click on the “Create Ads” button
  • Choose your marketing objective. If you’re trying to boost sales, we recommend selecting “conversions”.
  • Set up your ad account
  • Create a Facebook Pixel and connect it with your Spreadshop
  • Follow the listed steps. You’ll be required to choose your audience, your desired ad placement, and your budget.
  • Analyze your results. The best way to improve your conversion rate is understanding what works

Continue tuning in over the next few months for more advice on these individual steps.

It’s easy to get excited about the sales that come in because of Facebook advertising. Before you get excited and take your profits to the mall, consider using your profits to reinvest into ads. If it worked for you once, chances are it will work for you again! Plus, the more often you invest, the more analytics you’ll have so you can determine what’s working and what’s not.

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Henry Larry
Henry Larry
23 days ago

Investing in Facebook advertising seems like a smart move for expanding reach and boosting sales. Looking forward to implementing these tips for my own business.”
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Yvonne Naranjo
Yvonne Naranjo
6 years ago

Ready to go

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