Toolbox: Find Your Colors with Canva Colors

Toolbox: Find Your Colors with Canva Colors

Burgundy, ginger, maroon – Canva Colors is a fantastic tool to create a professional color scheme! It’ll do your Shop and graphics a world of good.

Try seeing your brand as a harmonious whole, a place where customers feel at home on an emotional level. Your choice of colors plays an important part in creating a brand identity. Your Spreadshop with its logo, banners and graphics should have the same color spectrum as your social media channels – and maybe even your designs.

Canva Colors is a fun and interactive way to learn more about color palettes and harmonies. Try it out – it works like a dream!

Discover Canva Colors

How does it work?

With Canva Colors, you can e.g. upload the teaser graphics of your start page to create a perfectly matching color scheme for your Spreadshop. It’s a great help to get a visual impression of the colors and learn their names and HTML color codes.

Check out Canva Colors now and give your shop the right lick of paint! And do tell us if you’re happy with the result!

Discover Canva Colors

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9 months ago

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