Facebook deactivates product feed

Facebook deactivates product feed

Facebook has changed its approach to the checkout for external shops. Find out what this means for your Spreadshop!

Want to get a glimpse of what the future of shopping will look like on Facebook? Then look no further than Facebook’s current US platform. The new “Commerce Manager” and “Checkout” have already been introduced there. Those two new features completely change the way you can sell your products on Facebook to some extent. We assume that the platforms in the rest of the world will follow soon.

What does this mean for you?

Facebook’s “Checkout” will no longer support your Spreadshop’s product feed. This means it won’t be possible anymore for you to run an external shop and automatically integrate your Spreadshop products on your Facebook page or on Instagram to sell them. For US shops, the product feed has already stopped working. We will deactivate the product feed as soon as Facebook activates the new features globally.

A look at the US platform shows what you need to do to continue using Facebook and Instagram as a sales platform. In order to create a shop, first log into the “Commerce Manager“. There you can upload your products and activate “Checkout” for your site. The advantage for your customers is that they no longer need to enter payment information and can complete the purchase directly on your Facebook page or Instagram feed.

We have no influence on these changes on Facebook, but we do keep a close eye on what’s happening so that we can react quickly and make technical adjustments whenever necessary.

Rest assured that we’ll keep you informed!

Have you already made some experience with the new Facebook checkout? Please do let us know in the comments!

Notable Replies

  1. When will the business manager input field be available on my spreadshop console? I only see an input for my feed.

  2. Hey Melographics,

    what exactly are you trying to achieve here? Can you please elaborate?

    The FB Business Manager itself is an ownstanding tool for page and ad administrators.
    It provides a dashboard for Facebook’s professional tools like the FB Pixel, Product Catalog, Ads Manager and Analytics.
    It’s not meant to be integrated into any 3rd party products in general.

  3. Any ways I can get around this new rule by facebook? This totally messes up my shop on facebook. :frowning:

  4. Not that we know of. Best to contact Facebook!

  5. Hi,

    I was taking about the image in the list of the spreadsheet console. I have the same input fields as the left picture not the Facebook business url pictured on the right.

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