Simplified payment through monthly settlement

Simplified payment through monthly settlement

We have adjusted the way we pay out your earnings. Your margin and performance bonus will be calculated per calendar month.

Month-end balancing

From now on we will always calculate your margin per calendar month. This includes all orders that were marked as “Sent & paid” before the first day of a payout month. Orders received after the first day of a payout month will appear in your statistics, but will not be paid until the following month.

Why are we doing this? We want to pay out your performance bonus as soon as possible – with your margin. That’s why the performance bonus is taken into account for orders of a balancing month which only occur in the “Sent & paid” section after the 1st day of the month and before the 15th.

After we have settled your balance for a calendar month, we will pay it out within 15 business days. This means that your bank account will be credited within 15 workdays after the settlement.

You can view your sales at any time in the partner area in your statistics. The same applies to your credit balance. Sales that will be paid out to you in the coming month are marked with a green triangle. Sales that have already been paid out are marked with a green piggy bank. Check out the detailed view to see when exactly a product was sold and invoiced.

A sample calculation

Let’s assume you’re selling products on July 28th, July 30th and August 1st. These can be viewed in your sales statistics before your July balance is settled on August  17th. The order of 28th July will be given the status “Sent & paid” on July 31st. It will be included in your July credit and will be paid out in August. Orders from July 30th and August 1st do not receive the status “Sent & paid” until August. They will therefore be settled with your August credit and paid out in September.

Do you have any questions about the new payout rhythm? Ask them right here or in the forum.

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