NEW: Stickers EU (yay)

NEW: Stickers EU (yay)

Raise the roof, stickers are in the house! Now that stickers are available in our product range, you can start dreaming up new designs and marketing campaigns.

You’ve waited long enough, we’ve finally got stickers for your Shop! Your customers can stick them on school supplies, phone cases, water bottles, laptops… The opportunities are endless. In addition to creating fun and funky designs, you can design stickers with your Shop logo and sell them. It’s a double whammy, free promotion for your Shop and happy customers.

Curious about how stickers are made? Check out our new sticker video!

Are you ready to start promoting stickers? Take advantage of the upcoming promo opportunities and give your customers a sweet discount.

Stickers (EU ID 1459)

  • Material: 100 µm PVC film
  • Available color: matte white
  • Sticker with 2-4 mm contour cut, easily removable
  • Durable and weatherproof

Print & Price

  • Print type: Eco-solvent
  • Accepted file types: Pixel & vector graphics
  • Not suitable for white designs
  • Print area: 10 x 10 cm (for square designs), max 10 cm on the longest side (for non-square patterns)
  • Prices vary for the UK and Ireland

Currently, the white matte sticker is the only sticker style available. Over the next six weeks, we’ll be adding glossy white stickers (around September 14th) and glossy transparent (around September 28th). The other styles will be automatically added for your customers, just like new colors.

Important details when creating designs for stickers

For pixel graphics on stickers, you need to remove unwanted and annoying backgrounds (i.e., don’t just make them “invisible” by making the background white or transparent). Our high-tech printers recognize every element in your design file, and they’ll cut this shape into a 10 x 10 cm square. To make sure nothing goes wrong when printing designs, stickers won’t be available in the design tool.

Lastly, stickers will be available in North America & Oceania in October!

Do you have questions about stickers or file creation? Ask here in the comments or discuss  with other Shop owners in the forum!

Notable Replies

  1. agrewe says:

    Can you expand on that? How fade proof are they when exposed to lots of sunlight outside? Can you use them outside, in particular on cars?

    Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

  2. You can use them on cars but they won’t last forever. It’s hard to test these things but we’re trying :slight_smile: So no super clear answer right now I’m afraid.

  3. agrewe says:

    fair enough. Thanks for getting back to me. Will take a look when I get mine early next week (shipped today)

  4. I’ve created the sticker product and added to my shop to sell. I ordered some to test.
    Today I recieved the stickers and I was dissapointed with the quality.

    My design is uploaded as svg. But when I look at the stickers, I see artifacts (not sharp) in the lines. This is something I cannot sell to my customers.

    My product is :

    Anybody have the same result?

    Tried to take a detailed shot of the sticker:

  5. Will get back to you about that later today. Just gathering some feedback :slight_smile:

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