Spreadshop Europe Christmas Support 2023

Here you can find all information about delivery times, order deadlines and our current capacity at a glance.

Ordering deadlines for Christmas 2023

Christmas gifts can be such a joy! And even better if they arrive in time. Here you can find our current ordering deadlines. Let your customers know how much time they have left to place their orders for Christmas.

Delivery Country Standard Premium Express
DE 18.12.2023 19.12.2023
AT 15.12.2023 15.12.2023 18.12.2023
CH 14.12.2023 15.12.2023 18.12.2023
NL 15.12.2023 15.12.2023 18.12.2023
NL (Sinterclaas) 27.11.2023
BE 14.12.2023 15.12.2023 17.12.2023
FR 14.12.2023 14.12.2023 17.12.2023
GB 13.12.2023 14.12.2023 17.12.2023
IE 13.12.2023 11.12.2023 17.12.2023
DK 13.12.2023 15.12.2023 17.12.2023
NO 10.12.2023 14.12.2023 17.12.2023
SE 13.12.2023 14.12.2023 17.12.2023
FI 11.12.2023 14.12.2023 17.12.2023
PL 14.12.2023 15.12.2023 17.12.2023
ES 13.12.2023 14.12.2023 17.12.2023
ES (Jan 6) 21.12.2023
IT 12.12.2023 14.12.2023 17.12.2023
Rest Europe 10.12.2023 17.12.2023
Outside Europe 05.12.2023 15.12.2023

Last update: 18.12.2023

Current production speed

Increased order volumes can be expected during the holiday season. You can be sure that we do all we can to keep up with the incoming orders and handle them as quickly as possible. Here you can find out which print types there may be delays currently.

– currently no delays –

Product availabilities

The following overview shows you which products are currently very low in stock or out of stock and, if available, the expected delivery date. This overview is being updated regularly.

Visit stockout overview

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What do ordering deadlines mean?

To ensure that all orders are delivered on time by December 25th, meeting the ordering deadlines is critical. Orders must be completed by the specified date to arrive in time for Christmas. The overview shows you when orders must be placed – at the latest  – so that they arrive in time in your customers’ region. Point out the ordering deadlines in your communication and marketing activities, clearly and regularly. Because the most beautiful gift is of no use if it isn’t delivered on time. What’s more, we display the current customer ordering deadlines in your Shop’s header area.  

 What happens if my customers order after the deadlines? 

It is possible that such order will arrive in time before December 25th. Our order deadlines are calculated in such a way that we can guarantee on-time delivery. Whether orders are still delivered on time (after the deadlines) depends on the usual production and delivery times.

Where can I find the current discount promotions?

Log in to your Partner Area. Scroll down to the discount calendar. Now you can see all current and upcoming discount promotions to edit or share them directly.

If you run several Shops, just open the Shop you want to promote and go to “Prices & Promos” > “Promo campaigns” in the Shop settings. Now you can target the discount promotions for the selected Shop. You can find more information here.

Why can’t I move some discount promotions?

It happens that we do not offer discount promotions for individual time slots. This is usually the case before i.e. Christmas. Because during this time we expect a very high volume of orders. Additional discount promotions would then further increase production volumes. In the interest of reliable delivery times and happy customers, we don’t usually do discount promotions in those periods.