Branding Request - Own logo on packagings

@Lena_Spreadshop, Hi I was wondering if you could put your own logo on the packaging that customers get?

I thought someone had asked this same question sometime in the past, but I was unable to find that particular forum post.
If I remember correctly, they are unable to print custom logos on the packaging materials. That may change in the future.
Someone from the Spreadshirt :spreadshirt: Team will have to confirm that, though.

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This and several other handy features are planned for the first months of 2020.
We´re starting with NA Shops and follow up for EU Shops later on. :slight_smile:

Soo looking forward to this…


Do you know if this is still in the works? I can’t find it anywhere… thanks!

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Covid-19 messed up our regular planning. This hasn’t been implemented yet. I cannot give you a date when this will be made available. We will let you know as soon as it is :slight_smile:

Any news on this?