Cannot Embed HTML Spreadshop into Wordpress site

I need help

I’m trying to embed my Spreadshirt shop into my site using the HTML code onto our band page
HOWEVER it keeps displaying this below:

var spread_shop_config = { shopName: ‘coldeclipse’, locale: ‘en_GB’, prefix: ‘ …etc

AND NOT the actual store. Can anyone help what am I doing wrong?

If you are using Wordpress with the Gutenburg editor, make sure the “block” is defined as HTML and that you are not simply pasting into a standard text area.

I did this by mistake recently and experienced exactly the same thing - I deleted what I had pasted and then changed the block type to html and pasted back in the code and it worked fine - hope this helps.

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Please post the URL so we can have a look and do check out what @User_NA-b812ab78 said :slight_smile: