Google search console verification

Where on my shop’s page do I upload the google verification html? I have spent 2 hours trying to do this and keep getting error message. I followed instructions in your blog post but unfortunately that doesn’t work. Instructions in blog does not include where to upload or paste verification code or html. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

You simply copy & paste the Property-ID, that is included in the Html text. Then, paste the Property-ID
you copied in your Shop settings under “Marketing” > “Web Analytics” in “Google Search Console”.

Can you name the blog article? We may have a look at it, and update some of the content, in case it is outdated.

Here´s a small but helpful help center article :slight_smile:

appreciate your response.
Maybe my question should be “can I upload my catalog from Spreadshop to Google or Pinterest” or do I need to have an actual website. Both platforms ask me to add html thread to my website’s index file or root director