Labels/brands of the shirts and hoodies

Hey guys!

I’m shortly opening a shop and just now saw that the normal/cheapest t-shirts seem to have a fruit of the loom neck label… I really don’t want that as I think it cheapens the overall look of the product.

I’d like to know what products are with the fruit of the loom label and what are from a different manufacturers or come with a different label so I can set my shop accordingly.


These are the products by Fruit of the Loom:

Thanks! Do they all come with the big neck label?

Yes, if they are from Fruit of the Loom they come with a neck label.

Cheers, do you know what other manufacturers you use?

Also, the contrast hoodies seem to say AWDis just hoods as a manufacturer?

And the normal t-shirt for women says B&E?

I’m in Northern Europe if that makes a difference.

Right. Yes that does make a difference.

We manufacture quite a few products ourselves (all of the premium products). For Europe the basic shirt is from B&C.

The basic t-shirt is Gildan now? Is it the cheapest Gildan model?

It’s this one:

Ok. Thanks!

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