Order a sheet of stickers via spreadshirt

This is kind of feature request but, I dont know why, I could not add “feature req” topic, so I’m adding it here.

It would be great to have possibility to order a sheet of stickers via spreadshirt.

Feature Requests need to be checked by us first. I´ve changed your post into a request recently.

We are working on the introduction of Stickers in the first months of 2020. So your request is soonish an official feature :slight_smile:


So have you guys added stickers yet me and friends want to start selling them

Not yet… but we will very soon. Keep an eye out for the announcement in the next few weeks. :dancer:


this feature would be very usefull. Or make an option to buy for example 5 stickers (of the same design) for a reduced price. As a pack (like buttons).

First step was the fact that your customers can now actually buy stickers. An option to buy a sticker bundle isn’t planned for the next few months but might get prioritized next year if we see that stickers are a successful product.

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I understand :slight_smile: … MVP 1 first

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Exactly :slight_smile:

wait are stickers available in the North America and Oceania partner product options now? I cannot see them as an option to add to my designs as of yet. I know they’re there in the EU version but I would really like to also sell them in both shops…

No they aren’t. Stickers will be made available in North America and Oceania beginning of October.

Thank you for the quick answer! I’ll be looking forward to it!

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For the stickers…will there be various sizes to choose from? I run a car club and have a spreadshirt for various shirts and stuff and I think the functionality of selling bumper stickers/windshield banners on spreadshirt would be great!

offering different sizes is on our wish list, too! :slight_smile:
It is planned but it will take some time until it is released.