Problems with order/payment


My friend placed an order to my shop yesterday. He made the payment via bank transfer and the money has left his bank account, but he did not receive any email and from my shop data, I cannot see that particular order at all. What could be the problem? Did he just lose his money?

At the bank transfer he put his phone number on the note section instead of the ordering number as the ordering number cannot be found anywhere when making the payment.

Is your friend called Ranja? Was it this order?

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It was paid via Paypal and will be produced any minute :slight_smile:

No, that’s not the one. But I do know her as well, and she placed the order after he did. The print is also the same, but should be mens white hoodie.

Ok, then he should send a screenshot with the details of his bank transfer to My colleagues in customer service will take over from there.

Okay, I’ll inform him. Thanks.

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I’m sure this will be solved, but for the future I’d have few thoughts:

  • Now when making the payment via bank transfer, the customer is told to insert his/her ordering number into the note section of the bank transfer. Customer will see the bank account details for Spreadshirt, but nowhere he/she can see the actual ordering number. That must be confusing to some, and some might even drop the order because of it (might be afraid they’ll lose their money, as they cannot fill the bank transfer info as needed).

  • So, could it be possible to change this process in a way that all the bank transfer details would only come to you in an email along with the ordering number? So no bank account info on Spreadshirt shop, you’d have to wait for the confirmation email - and then do the payment according to the info given in the email.

I’m confused. Where did your friend transfer the money to? The process is the following: you select paying by bank transfer, conclude the order, receive your order ID on the order sucess page and we also send you an e-mail with the order details to the e-mail address you’ve given us. When your friend transfered the money he/she must have provideded an order ID, right?

Yes, so the problem in a bigger picture (not talking about my friend’s case that is still being solved) is that the bank transfer info comes without any order ID when you’re making the order. Only after you’ve finalized the order, you’ll receive the order ID. Some people (like my friend) might make the payment when the bank transfer info first appears to them in the shop, and do it without the order ID, because nowhere does it say that you’ll receive the payment info AND order ID in confirmation email.

Easiest way to fix this (and maybe even get more buyers) would be to include notice of the coming confirmation email and order ID that it includes when the bank transfer info is shown to customers at the 1st time. Which is the 3rd step in the shop when ordering something via bank transfer.

So to make it clear - no, he didn’t, because when the bank transfer info appears to you, there is no order ID nowhere.