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Hello, Is there any way to set up my design shows the rear image first? I have tshirt with the main design on the back and just my logo on the front. Ideally I would like for the main design on the back of the shirt to be the one showing on the product catalog page.

For now there isn’t I’m afraid. I did ask about a timeline if and when such feature is to be expected. Will keep you posted :slight_smile:

A lot of my products have the main design on the back. My shops are in the old legacy area and the back of the products are shown in my shop. What will happen when my shops are migrated? It would look ridiculous if suddenly all the tees in my shop looked exactly the same.

Hi @J-M-E,

we are aware the the current representation of products that were created with several designs in the new partner area isn’t ideal. For now we always show the front design which wouldn’t be great for your usecase. I have forwarded your Shop to our developers since they are currently looking into how to improve this specific issue. We will inform you of any changes in our blog.

Hello @Lena_Spreadshop
I have new collection cloth with different print on back and same logo in front. I want to show the back in the shop how do I make that? in the old version I could choose which picture that would be picture in the shop.

Currently it isn’t possible to choose which product view you are showing in your shop. We know this is something we need to change and we’ll be working on it in the next couple of months.

Hi Lena_Spreadshop,

I can see in your latest replay (from september 2019) that you will be working on a solution within the next couple of months. But it doesn’t seem to be implemented today (a year later). What is the timeline for this?

I have the same issue as the above: Different print on the back but same on the front, so I really want to be able to show the back in the shop.

Kind regards

Rune Fick Hansen

It is now possible. When you upload your two designs then you can choose with the little star which one you would actually like to have shown in your initial view.

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Ahh. Perfect! I was looking for it, when I had made the designs.

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It’s important to note that you can only select this when you initially create the products and not at a later stage! :slight_smile: