The newly rearranged User Area

The newly rearranged User Area

The newly rearranged User Area

We’ve announced the forthcoming update of our user area, and today we are happy to show you what we’ve changed. The whole user area got some spring cleaning with a slight overhaul of the navigation. For you this means that you will have an improved overview of all available features, and that you’ll be able to implement any changes in a matter of just a few mouse clicks. Find out about what has changed now!

Maybe you’ve had a chance to check out our brand new user area already. The first thing you’ll notice is that the navigation has some new wording, most notably by making it easier to navigate while renaming a few functions to make navigation more intuitive. Check out the new arrangement, and you’ll see that it’s pretty easy to work your way through it once you’ve clicked around for a bit. The overall goal is to make your shop partner life easier, and we’re sure that the new and improved user area navigation look will play its part.

Where can I find important features now?

Our new navigation structure is divided into six different areas:

  • Overview
  • Designs & products
  • Marketing
  • Shop settings
  • Sales statistics
  • Account settings

The tell-tale name ”Overview“ gives it away already: it gives you an overview of your shop’s most important features and functions. Immediately below the navigation menu, you will find a box with the most important quick links. Once you log in, these quick links will neatly lead you to all the settings and statistics. Now you can make changes and see how your business is developing without having to click through a wilderness of links. The calendar view containing important events and campaigns remains in place.

The area “Designs & products“ will help you upload your designs as well as publish products and designs. Also, here you’ll also get a chance to arrange your products and designs in your standard or designer shop. An additional help feature you’ll find here is an FAQ link at the bottom left to assist you with creating and publishing designs.

In the “Marketing“ section, you can find a subcategory called “Info & promos“ where you can read up on news updates and planned campaigns. Here you can also find promo banners, quality seals and other promo material for your shop. The section “Link & share“ will lead you to our Facebook sharing tool to make sharing your stuff on Facebook easier. Here you can see a detailed description of this tool. Another section of “Marketing“ is the “Sales analysis”. If you’re interested in hard facts and neat graphical depiction of your sales, this is the place to go. See where your customers come from (referrer) and learn about your conversion rate. This section also gives you a chance to run Google Adwords campaigns – all of which are very useful functions to make your shop more successful!

And that’s not all. In ”Shop settings“, you will find info and settings as well everything that concerns the layout of your shop. Find useful information and tips & tricks of how to foster your sales and ultimately turn your shop into a success.

The “Sales statistics“ section gives you yet another overview about numbers and graphs demonstrating how many designs and products you’ve sold. Find out how much money you can expect to be paid from shop sales and Marketplace sales. In ”Shop sales“ you’ll see a detailed breakdown of all orders incl. order status as well as your top 10 designs, products and product types. In this category, we’ve also included a “Spreadshirt help“ section to supply you with more information as well as explanations on how your commission is set up.

And last but not least there’s a link to your “Account settings“ where you can see all of the orders you’ve placed, can change your personal data, can register or deregister for newsletters or deactivate your account. Also, you can see your “Seller account” and your “Seller profile” where you can update your information. The data here will be shown on the Marketplace. Here you can also get to your “Financial management“ to choose a payment method for the commission you’ll receive. Finally, there’s an ”FAQ“ section to fill you in on things like delivery times and a “Service“ section to get in touch with customer service.

Some of these sub-pages in a section may be displayed shaded in grey. This depends on the type of shop that is selected (Standard, Designer or Marketplace). You can e.g. not reach the “Sort products” page within the Standard Shop section with “Marketplace” chosen in your shop selector at the top.

 We hope that you’ll be able to get on well in the new user area. It would be great if you could check it out straight away and give us feedback! And in case you should have any questions, you can always get in touch with our Service Team via email or telephone: 1-800-381-0815.

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9 years ago

I gave your site a chance,and I setup a shop thinking ok cool it seems great so far. But I was wrong I stopped using your site,because I tried to upload images and create shirts but I ALWAYS WAS GIVEN A ERROR MESSAGE when trying to add created shirts to my shop. So you need to make it easier to create and upload images or sell other shirts you see people are selling in their shops over to yours. Until this happens I will continue to tell all my friends and family members to not use your site.

9 years ago

what about giving shops a new more attractive look?

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