Shop Partners – Welcome the New Checkout

Shop Partners – Welcome the New Checkout


We’ve been testing our new checkout for about half a year and we’re convinced that it runs smoothly and that it facilitates quick and easy ordering, resulting in more sales and more money for Partners. It’s fully optimized for mobile use, and its user friendly design and more efficient checkout process is bound to generate more orders for your shop. That’s why we’re now saying goodbye to the old version with immediate effect, so all hail the all new checkout!

The Good News

You’ll see the new look at first glance. The layout is more intuitive, and all the steps that lead to completing an order will now take place on a single page. This more straight-forward procedure takes your customer more swiftly and neatly through the conclusion of their order. What’s more, the new mobile-optimized functionality caters to the needs of the ever-increasing numbers of smartphone shoppers. About half of all orders (and counting) are made on mobile devices.

The Better News

Many Shop Partners have tested the new checkout in recent months, and the average conversion rate has increased by 17%. This means that more customers who put a product into their shopping cart check complete their purchase thanks to no interruption of the purchasing process. Of course, this will in turn result in more sales for you, and that’s surely something to make you (and your pockets) happy. The checkout page’s loading time has been greatly improved as well, which is another bonus, as nobody likes waiting in line behind a busy retail counter.

The All New Checkout

The very positive test results have made the decision easy. The old version will be discontinued with immediate effect, and the new checkout will be implemented for every Shop.

We hope that you’ll like the new checkout just as much as we do, and we look forward to your feedback. Have you already gathered any experience with the new version? We look forward to your comments below.





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9 years ago

FYI everybody, Temple from Spreadshirt was nice enough to respond to my questions in the Spreadshirt forum, and she told me that shopowners will be able to add their logo to the checkout once some further updates are completed, and that the checkout takes customers back to the originating shop (not to Spreadshirt’s site) when an order is completed.

This puts my mind at ease quite a bit. Thanks, Temple!

9 years ago

Just tested the checkout, and I see no Spreadshirt logos, however I also see no ways to get back to my shop, not even an “abort order” or “continue shopping” type of button. There’s just a “checkout later” link that seems to be a MAILTO: that wants to start my email program, which is odd.

I’m not going to actually place an order to see where I get sent upon order completion, but I’d like to know. Do customers go back to our shops, or to Spreadshirt’s site?

Thanks for any info in advance, Spreadshirt.

9 years ago

If the new checkout is Spreadshirt-branded not shop-branded, has no links back to the shop and/or takes customers to Spreadshirt’s site upon cart exits, then this turns shops into little more than one-way “on-ramps” to our competitor the Spreadshirt marketplace, with no easy way back.

I doubt any shopowners will tolerate being unpaid marketers for Spreadshirt’s marketplace spending their own time, money and effort to find and drive new customers to their shops who quickly hit the cart and are sent straight to our competitor so we likely never see them again.

If this is so, there will almost certainly be a mass exodus of shopowners leaving Spreadshirt for competitors who don’t do this.

Can anyone from Spreadshirt clarify this ASAP? Will a shop-friendly version of the new cart be made? If so, when? Are any of my assumptions incorrect?


9 years ago

What about the bad news? The new checkout doesn’t work. I add items to my cart, click checkout and the new checkout tells me I have nothing in my cart. Can I please have the old working checkout back?

9 years ago

This is very important: Can shopowners do the following things with the new checkout like they could with the old checkout? Last I checked, they could not:

1. brand the new checkout with their shop’s logo rather than Spreadshirt’s logo?

2. have links back to their shop rather than links to Spreadshirt’s site?

3. make cart exits (for example, completing a purchase, or using a ‘Continue Shopping’-type of button, etc.) go back to their shop rather than to Spreadshirt’s site?

I think nearly all shopowners would agree that these capabilities are absolutely necessary, otherwise customers that shopowners worked hard to acquire and drive to their stores using their own marketing efforts and expenditures are being diverted away from their stores to a competitor (the Spreadshirt marketplace).

That’s VERY unacceptable, and would cause most of us to examine alternative production/fulfillment companies.

Spreadshirt previously told us they were working on a version of the new checkout for shops that will allow all this. Is there an estimate as to when it will be ready? Thanks.

Robert Diaz
9 years ago

Will the new checkout still leave our partner shop’s domain? I’m all for a better checkout experience for my customers and increased conversion rates. I would like to know what options shop owners have with continuing to track those conversions as goals via analytics. Thanks!

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