Partners Needed! Shape Your Future.

Partners Needed! Shape Your Future.

Interested in contributing to the development of new features and helping shape the future of Spreadshirt features? Then this one’s for you! We’re looking for partners to put our new ideas through the paces, and tell us what they think in an open and honest way as a test user.

Make your opinion count…

Selling designs in your own Shop or on Spreadshirt makes you an expert of our Partner Area. That’s why we need you! Become a test user now, and get exclusive insight into our latest ideas and features long before we make them available to everyone else. Your experience will provide valuable feedback for future developments, giving you a decisive role in the process.

…whenever and wherever

We will put online meeting tools in place to show you preliminary versions, and to be able to talk to you in person. This means you’re free to participate from the comfort of your own home. The online meeting software will be easy to use with no fussy installation. What’s more, we’ll do our very best to accommodate your schedule, making participation a painless endeavor. And if live anywhere near Leipzig, you’ll get an invitation to meet us at our headquarters and have a look around.

Let’s go!

Register in our database, and we’ll get back to you with appointment suggestions. You’ll be free to opt in or out or user testing at any time.

It’s never been easier to make your Spreadshirt Partner voice heard! Have a say in new development chapters, and play a part in defining the future of Spreadshirt’s tools and features. We look forward to your valuable feedback!

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