Exciting News for your Shop

Exciting News for your Shop

We’ve got as many as three pieces of exciting news for you and your Shop! Customers can now freely choose languages and currencies. It won’t stop there: you can also link up your social media channels and improve your marketing measures with extended tracking options in just a few clicks. Check it out now!

One click away from all languages and currencies

Let’s say you’ve set up your Shop for the US and chosen the US dollar as your currency. Customers from Australia might get confused with the currency, and maybe you even have some fans in Canada that prefer to shop in French. This can now be remedied with a few clicks.

Go to your Shop Area and click through Shops > Shop name & Info > Name, description & language and then Activate all languages so that customers can choose a country in your Shop’s footer and pay in their currency.

These countries and their respective currencies are supported:

North America and Australia

USA Canada (English and French)


Germany Austria
France Denmark
Switzerland (German, French, Italian) Spain
UK Netherlands
Ireland Norway
Belgium (French and Dutch) Sweden
Italy Finland

Social media icons in your Shop

This feature has long been requested! Use social media icons to link up your Shop to your social media channels of choice. Social media icons will be visible in the header and footer area (on mobile devices only in the footer).

In your Shop settings, enter the ”Header & Colors“ section and then click on ”Social Media Icons“. Here you can choose if and how many icons you’d like to offer, how many symbols you want to show as well as which profile on the respective site should be linked up with. Just enter your user name (not the URL), and then click on “Apply changes“ to add the pretty icons to your Shop’s profile.

Improved tracking

To help analyze customer behavior, we combined the options for tracking customers, both in your Shop and the checkout. These can be accessed with Advanced Settings > Web Analytics now.

You can also activate Facebook Tracking with Facebook Pixels in your Shop. And Google Analytics keeps giving you valuable info by linking your shop and your account with the Tracking ID.

Learn more about Tracking.

We’re happy to be able to introduce these features to you. Have fun trying them out!

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6 years ago

there the shop social media share button is not on the top as seen on your description. In every store social sharing button have with products only!

Dalton Gutierrez
6 years ago

This is good

6 years ago

How can I join? I want to sell my design but UAE is not available

6 years ago

It’s great but when will we have more languages like Chinese, Japanese, Russian or …?

6 years ago

Thank you guys for all of this! Came just in time for my massive launch I’m preparing!

6 years ago

Do we still need to have duplicate EU and US shops or are they merged now?

6 years ago

Making shops available for all languages and currencies is a great idea. Hopefully this will increase sales.

I also added the social icons to the header. Way to go Spreadshirt!


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