Social-Media Networking Made Easy

Social-Media Networking Made Easy

Are you wasting time jumping from social media profile to social media profile posting your latest content or promotions? Consolidating these tasks won’t only save you time, but it will also help you better focus on what you’re best at: creating designs. To solve this dilemma, you can link up your social media activities and manage your posts all at once. Continue reading to see all the details.

Linking social media accounts

It’s vital to utilize the proper tools as you’re looking to save time and optimize your social media’s effectiveness. We recommend capitalizing on services like Buffer, Hootsuite and IFTTT, which will allow you to schedule posts for all of your profiles. Instagram also allows users to link their other social media platforms, saving you time and energy.

Other important tips:

  1. Target a specific social media channel that you know your customers are using. For example, if your customers are more active on Facebook and Instagram, then it might not be worthwhile to use Twitter.
  2. To improve your chances of selling a product, write and share interesting, funny and informative content when linking to new products or special offers. Of course, make sure the content isn’t monotonous or repetitive.
  3. Keeping these channels in line with your branding is essential. Focus on colors, images and word choice to leave a lasting impression. Your social media accounts are essentially your shop windows! Embrace this creative freedom, and configure your accounts so they suit you and your Shop’s style.

Social media benefits

Linking your social accounts will save you time, and the consistent brand image should improve sales. Coordinated social media accounts will also allow you to:

  • Show a product to a certain target group.
  • Create and convey a uniformed brand image across all your channels.
  • Stay in touch with fans and customers.
  • Demonstrate the diversity of your brand.
  • Save time and effort by sharing a post on all channels at the same time.
  • Divert traffic from a successful channel to another social media profile.

Convinced? Then get your social media channels sorted, and start networking now!

We want to find out about your social media experience. Please share your comments, questions and anecdotes below!

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1 year ago

This article does not explain how to link. It’s all just waffle.

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