Adjust old links and improve your Shop Performance

Adjust old links and improve your Shop Performance

Your Shop loads slowly, when you link to it from i.e. Facebook? It could be due to the use of an old URL structure. Let’s see what you can do.

In 2015, we introduced a new URL format for Shops – time flies! Some of the old hands will remember how their Shop’s URL used to look like ( This old format can still be used, but automatically redirects to the new URL format:

Small Change, big Effect

Diverting a request from the old URL to the new URL takes precious time; time that may drive off customers. Studies have shown that the likelihood of losing customers with loading times of over 2 seconds can rise to almost 40%. The solution, however, is easy. Just use the new URL format:

Check out the formatting wherever you linked to your Shop (Facebook, Blogs, etc.). And change it, for speed’s sake.

In the long view, we’ll do away with the old URL format eventually to dispense with the diversion lag. Be sure to use the new URL format so that customers can reach your Shop.

Wishing you the best of success! God speed you and your Shop loading times!

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kouakou kouame jean-philippe

merci pour l’information et bonne continuté a tous.

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