Earn Money Through Spreadshop’s Affiliate Program

Earn Money Through Spreadshop’s Affiliate Program

Want to earn some extra cash? Well, you can easily monetize your traffic by recommending followers to SpreadShop’s Affiliate Program. For each newly-registered shop owner who launches a SpreadShop within 30 days of clicking your referral, you can earn $3. How easy is that?

How do you take part?

  • Register at ShareASale.com
  • Search for “Spreadshop” under “Search for Merchants,” apply for affiliate program
  • After approval, obtain affiliate link by clicking “Get Links” under “Merchant Status” tab
  • Integrate you affiliate link wherever you see fit

Register today, and tell all your followers, customers, readers and friends about the various benefits of opening a SpreadShop. If they launch a Shop, you’ll benefit!

Make Easy Money

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not supplied
not supplied
1 year ago

a one time $3 affiliate payment for NEW sign ups isnt worth doing. WHy dont you have ongoing/recurring affiliate income from the signups I send you?

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