Our New T-Shirt Designer is Better Than Ever

Our New T-Shirt Designer is Better Than Ever

Our T-Shirt Designer is getting a makeover. We’re rolling out our new designing interface to our Shops and User Area. These changes will make your life a whole lot easier, but they’ll also improve the buying experience for customers, making it easier for them to get complete their order. Take a look for yourself…

What are the Changes?

We’re looking to standardize most of our functions, as Spreadshirt users surely noticed inconsistencies across the website. Now, regardless of whether you’re buying or selling, everyone will be relying on the same tool.

The new technology will lead to several additional benefits, including improved intuitiveness and mobile compatibility. When you first use the new T-Shirt Designer, you’ll immediately recognize the improved design, touch, and feel of the interface. Plus, this change allows us to consistently update the technology to accommodate new features.

One of the major motivations for changing the T-Shirt Designer in the User Area was the fact that the technology was based around outdated Flash software. There are newer and better ways to present this tool, and you’ll no longer have to deal with slow loading times or annoying Flash popups. Plus, Adobe is moving away from Flash, so the change was inevitable.

One last change: in your Shop, when customers want to add text via the T-Shirt Designer, they’ll now have the ability to bend the text. This is a minor addition, but it’s exciting nonetheless.

What’s Next?

Well, it’s time for you to test out the new technology! Head over to our T-Shirt Designer and try out all the changes for yourself. When you’re done, let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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    • Hi John,

      The track jacket left our product range in the second quarter of 2017 (so more than a year ago) due to bad sales.


  1. Awesome Lena! I’m looking forward to setting up my shop soon. I removed my old shop on spreadshirt because it was confusing me? but I’m excited about these new changes and I’m ready to give it try!

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