Get Organized With Our Shop Topics

Get Organized With Our Shop Topics

We’ve made it a lot easier to organize designs in your Shop. Thanks to our most recent feature release, you’ll be able to group your offerings into relevant topics.

What are the benefits of this update?

Thanks to our new update, you can create and name topics, and you’ll then add designs to the relevant grouping. This change also allows you to prioritize, deactivate, or delete any topics (while still retaining the design, of course).

Watch the video tutorial below to see how this feature works:

It’s important to remember that the order of designs within a specific topic will be based on the sorting of designs via the Product List Page. If you want these categories to be organized in a specific way, you can do so by clicking Page Settings > Product List Page > Arrange Items.

Why did Spreadshirt implement these changes?

Customers could previously sort through your Shop’s designs, but there was no way to find relevant options that pertained to one specific topic. Well, after piles of requests over the years, we’ve now given you what you’ve asked for! This change will make navigating your Shop a whole lot easier for customers.

Is this feature suitable for my Shop?

“I have a YouTube channel. I use my Spreadshop to advertise and sell merchandise with three variations of my logo.”

No, this feature wouldn’t make sense for you, and it wouldn’t speed up your customers’ experience.

“I have a Shop with approximately 300 designs, and I promote many of my products on social media.”

Yes, this feature is perfect for you. These topics will make for great shares on social media. You’ll now have the ability to share several designs on Facebook thanks to your organized topics.

How many topics should I have? Is there a minimum number of designs for each topic?

If you want to take advantage of this feature for your Shop, you’ll need at least 12 designs. You’ll also need to create a minimum of three topics. Each of these topics must contain at least four separate designs.

Can I sort one design into several different topics?

Yes, but we’d be wary of going overboard. While you’re certainly allowed to categorize these offerings into different topics, you may confuse your customers with excessive organization.

How should I organize my designs?

For starters, if you find that there are natural connections between different designs, they’d probably make for a perfect topic! Otherwise, you could also consider organizing your offerings into the following categories:

  • Themes (dogs, cats, pigs, etc.)
  • Genre/Style (funny, gaming, typography)
  • Occasions/Holidays (Christmas, Halloween, birthdays)

You can also sort designs into topics like “best-sellers” or “new.” Really, your options are unlimited.

How should I name my topics?

When naming your topics, we suggest that you think about the SEO impact of your titles. First, try picking titles that are most relevant to your designs. Using free browser add-ons like Keyword Everywhere or the Keyword Planner in your Google Adwords Account, check the search volume of your topic name. We suggest picking a title that doesn’t have too high of a monthly search volume but is higher than 10 searches per month (of course, this depends on the visibility of your Shop).

You can also check whether customers are searching for your topic on Google. For example, you can simply search for “topic title” and “t-shirt” to understand the search volume. Finally, the more designs you add to a topic, the better. After all, if there’s more content on your topic page, there’s a better chance it will rank on Google.

It’s also important to note that these topic names won’t be translated, so keep that in mind if you have an international Shop. We also suggest a maximum of 30 characters for the topic names, allowing them to be properly displayed on mobile devices.

What do you think of this new feature? If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section below!

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4 years ago


Patti Ryan
5 years ago

I can’t find where to setup Topics. My “Page Settings” doesn’t look like in the video. And my “Page Settings” does not have a “Topics” tab. I’m lost. Help.

Yvonne Redmer
6 years ago

When I view the topics tab (all the topics together), the t-shirt colour is shown (even though it is turned off for the “home page”), and when inside a topic the designs are shown on the product instead of just the designs. Can the settings from the “home page” (just designs & no background colour) be used on the topics pages? Or is that a feature for the future?

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