Free Shipping Test in the United States

Free Shipping Test in the United States

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, so we’re taking a shot at offering free shipping in order to provide an extra incentive for Shop customers to place orders above a certain order value. Brace your Shop for a promising test run in the month of August!

In the period from July 24th through to 4th of September 2018, US American customers of American Spreadshops will get free shipping when placing orders of $39.99 or more (applies to standard shipping). We will look closely at how the offer is appreciated to see whether free shipping encourages customers to either check out with more products or buy pricier items.

As a Shop Owner, you can of course promote the free shipping offer to your customers during the trial period. We hope you understand that we need to reserve the right to terminate the test at any time before the end of the scheduled run. In this case, we’ll of course let you know you in time. Watch this space to find out about the results of the test!

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mckendric davis
5 years ago


5 years ago

Nice .

5 years ago

Good idea. I’ve also noticed sales do increase when you run free shipping offers. I’d also offer next day delivery if the order total is $500 or more. Never seen anybody do this, but it might work

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