Product News for September 2018

Product News for September 2018

Ch-ch-ch-changes are coming to our product range. Take a look at the additions, subtractions, and revisions coming this month, and make sure you pass the news along to your customers.

New Products

Campers Mug (ID 1313) in White

Product Deactivations

Men’s Speckled Hoodie (ID 1069) in Charcoal Fleck

New Colors

Men’s T-Shirt (ID 210) in Mineral Charcoal Gray, Mineral Royal, Mineral Black, Military Green Tie Dye, Grey Tie Dye

Color Deactivations

Women’s Flowy Tank (ID 752) in Gray Marble
Trucker Cap (ID 1040) in Charcoal/Charcoal
Snapback Cap (ID 803) in Heather Gray/Black

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