The New Header Is Here

The New Header Is Here

Your Spreadshop is about to get a lot more attractive. Welcome customers to your Shop with a brand-new header, and emphasize what really matters: your products.

Why do I get a new header?

The new header provides you with more options to customize your Spreadshop. In combination with the new Spreadshop start page, you can now tailor it to better target your intended audience. The header has gotten smaller and smarter, providing more space for your products. Now, the focus is where it should be: on the merchandise. Find out exactly what’s changed and how it works in this clip:

What’s changed?

Last week, we announced the new header. The previous graphic is being replaced by a new logo area (max. 380×68 pixels). You can upload a graphic logo in the proper size, or you can display your Spreadshop name (under General > Shop name & URL > Name). Further customization options for your Spreadshop name will follow, including the ability to choose from different fonts and sizes.

The “Shop” option next to “Create” will no longer be required. The “Create” option will remain, but it has physically moved to the right of your product categories and will now be called “Customize”.

You’ll want your customers to immediately recognize your Shop, so you can continue to use your previous header graphic on the Spreadshop homepage. If you haven’t already done so, you should activate the new Spreadshop start page now.

How can I adjust the settings?

Due to the new features, we had to make some adjustments to the menu. From now on, you can find the settings for the header in the “Page Settings”. There, you’ll also find the settings for social media icons and the search function. The old “Header & Colors” menu will be split, and the settings for “Colors” can now be found in “General”.

If you have already integrated your Spreadshop into a website, we’ll provide you with two new features for navigation that are especially designed for mobile views. Under “Advanced Settings > Embed Shop in Website” you can activate a burger menu or a swipe menu for your shop. This is also the spot to deactivate the logo in your header.

All graphics and background images that were set up via “Advanced Settings > HTML & CSS” will stay. Please note that it will no longer be possible to exchange the images.

How do you like the new header? Do you have any questions or comments? We are looking forward to your feedback.

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Pankaj Choudhary
1 year ago

Choudhari international

2 years ago

Kripya apni dukaan ko theek Karen Mera dukaan theek se nahin ban rahe hain mein total pata aapko dal chuka hun kripya UN Patang Ko aap set Karen

Bob Kingsmill
Bob Kingsmill
5 years ago

I agree with the others. I spent time making headers for my shops that looked nice and were unique and now I will have to do it over to fit in a smaller space on the screen. This change is definitely a step backward. Please reverse it.

Nance Crawford
5 years ago

Due to health issues and scheduling, I haven’t had as much time as I hoped to devote to my public shop since setting up, with only a fraction of the designs available uploaded.

Have to agree with the majority of opinion above that extreme changes that demand immediate attention in order absolutely need an “opt in” or “tryout opt in” feature, allowing control to the shop owner. I now have to take time to create a logo that will fit on a smart phone – great idea, bad timing.

Okello Frank
5 years ago

Am glad for the new change in my shop because I believe that in every change there’s an opportunity. I am working upon the look of my shop and it’s really interesting to follow the guidelines. Thanks to the team!

Chris Coyier
Chris Coyier
5 years ago


5 years ago

I have an issue and recommendation. The embedded website and checkout are not seamless. The header and color scheme that is used on the website should be mirrored and displayed during checkout. This would create a continuous experience for the customer. If the “ShopName” is used for the header, during checkout maybe display; “ShopName: Checkout” to indicate the customer is in checkout.

Pierre Doucet
Pierre Doucet
5 years ago

I noticed that you have removed the little home logo, and link the logo instead, please put it back.
And concerning the logo, it is a bad idea for embedded shop since we already have it on the top page of our site so it doubles up ???
At least give us back the image banner and leave the choice to us. Also, an option to leave the logo area blank would be the minimum.

5 years ago

I don’t read the blog so, no I wasnt informed of the change. We designed our header to blend with the rest of the website. This change makes my shop look hellishly generic. I spent capital and time to make my spreadshop the way we wanted it and now that’s all for naught.

Also we have no interest in adding additional clicks and exit links by using a start page. This stinks all around.

Bad Ideas
Bad Ideas
5 years ago

This is pretty sad. I didn’t see the email because all your emails are seen as spam. There should have at least been an opt in an or opt out period. Spreadshirt always says it’s listening to it’s customers but I’m pretty sure nobody asked for this feature. Just another thing forced on us and we can’t really complain because this is what you get when you use a free service. Going elsewhere. Good job Spreadshirt!

Pierre Doucet
Pierre Doucet
5 years ago

Extremely disappointed !!!


Why didn’t you just add that feature and leave the other one available. This is a really really bad decision on you part!!

Tired of being forced those decision…. just opened my 4 shop 2 weeks ago… so many ours put in so Im stuck with you now…

Extremely disappointed!

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