Year in Review: Spreadshop Was Mighty Busy in 2018

Year in Review: Spreadshop Was Mighty Busy in 2018

While you’ve been working hard to push sales, we’ve been working hard on improving your Spreadshop experience. Check out some of the major changes we’ve implemented over the past year.

January: Increased Shop Performance

We significantly reduced load times in your Shop with a new search backend. This change in infrastructure was needed in order to make our other 2018 improvements possible.

March: New List Page

We unveiled a new Spreadshop list page, which was one of the most-requested features back in 2017. This addition improved the look and feel of your Shop and listed products, and it also made it a lot more accessible to customers.

April: New Detail Page

Next, we improved the cosmetics of your Spreadshop, and we also optimized the site for mobile users. This made your Shop a whole lot more appealing, and it also helped to boost performance.

April: Posters!

In April, we made it possible to start selling posters in your Spreadshop. This was another way to entice customers, providing them with even more buying options.

May: New T-Shirt Designer

Customers appreciate the ability to customize their own products, and that was made a whole lot easier thanks to our improved T-Shirt Designer!

May: Product Feed for Shop Ads

We made it easier to advertise your Spreadshop inventory on Facebook, Instagram, and Google by unveiling our new product feed!

May: Feedback, New Products, Model Images

We added several new features to Spreadshop towards the end of May. We provided a new customer feedback section to your Shop, and we also made it possible to utilize model images. We also added the ability to highlight newly-created products, increasing the chance that your customers make a purchase!

July: Shop Topics

Organizing designs into relevant groupings makes it a whole lot easier for customers to sort through your offerings. Well, that was made possible thanks to the introduction of Shop topics in July!

July: Reorganized Admin Settings

Your Shop’s admin settings are where the magic happens, and we reorganized this page to make it more intuitive and easier to use.

July: Product-Creation Process

We gave you complete control over your products by adapting the entire product-creation process. Now, you have the ability to adapt designs on each product.

August: Color Restrictions

Black designs on black products isn’t ideal. To prevent customers from creating these types of products, you can now restrict your color offerings.

August: Updated Stats Page

Analyzing your sales will help you to better adapt your selling strategy. Thanks to our updated stats page, you can sort through these numbers based on payout, design price, affiliate commission, or volume commission.

September: Templates

It’s a whole lot easier to design your products when you have a template to guide you. This new feature allows you to automate many of the necessary steps, including product and color selection.

September: New Start Page

You can now welcome customers to your Spreadshop with a fully-customized start page! This was a new addition to the Spreadshop experience, providing sellers with more opportunities to appeal to customers.

October: New Header

Besides the brand-new start page, we also provided Shop owners with a brand-new header. This inclusion put a bigger emphasis on the most important aspect of your Shop: the products.

December: Bestsellers

The new “bestsellers” tab in your partner area’s statistics page now lets you analyze which of your products and designs tend to sell best.

December: Revamped Topics, Start Page

In our pursuit of making your Spreadshop as desirable as possible, we slightly revamped your start page and topics.

What’s in Store for 2019?

Similar to 2018, we’re planning a whole lot of Spreadshop changes for the upcoming year. You can look forward to inclusions like a new “about us” page and the ability to create products with designs on multiple print areas. Plus, for legacy user area Shop owners, we’ll be migrating you to the partner area. More information on this exciting project will be coming soon.

What was your favorite Spreadshop feature from 2018? Is there anything you’d want added in 2019? Let us know in the comments below.

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Yes I did well wishing you prosperity and progress

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