Toolbox: Videos Made Easy with Placeit

Toolbox: Videos Made Easy with Placeit

Promo videos, teasers, Instagram stories and more – Placeit Video Maker helps you create short videos in a snap. Get ready to level up your marketing game, no extra skills required!

The Placeit Video Maker has over 450 templates to choose from: from teaser videos and slideshows to step-by-step instructions, Instagram stories and much more.

Using Placeit is super easy and self-explanatory. So go ahead and…

Try It Out

How it Works

Not that you’re an idiot, but the Placeit Video Maker truly is idiot-proof.

You can create short videos in minutes—and videos are marketing gold. They catch your customers’ attention and give your brand a professional feel. How can you start using videos to promote your Shop? Use them to push your latest promos, show off a new design, or make a sleek and modern Insta story.

Just select one of the templates to get started. Then you can personalize the text, change the colors, add pictures or a logo and of course place your own design on a video mockup. You can also add custom sound to your video and adjust the playback speed: the creative possibilities are endless!

The real beauty of the Placeit Video Maker? You don’t need any video editing knowledge whatsoever to make a professional, trendy, high-quality video.

Go on, you know you want to try it.

Create a Video with Placeit

If you want to create a one-off video, you pay $9 per video download. If you want to create videos more often or use other Placeit services, such as mockups, it’s worth signing up for a monthly or annual subscription.

Do you use Placeit or the Placeit Video Maker? How do you like it? What else do you use to make your videos? Let us know in the comments!

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Terry Agee
Terry Agee
3 years ago

I have a few placeit videos to upload. Where and how do I make this happen?

3 years ago
Reply to  Terry Agee

On your social Media channels. Alternatively you can upload them to Youtube and embed the Youtube Video in your Shop in your “About Us” Page 🙂

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