Tool Box: Font Combinations with Canva

Tool Box: Font Combinations with Canva

Would you hire a lawyer whose website is written in bright pink Comic Sans? We didn’t think so. Don’t be that person.

Wait, What is Canva?

Canva is a beautiful website that allows you to design anything for web or print content.

You can use Canva to create super-fancy marketing material to promote your Shop on social media, to your email newsletter list, or in print.

Just a few ways to use Canva: Make a Facebook header banner featuring your Shop logo. Advertise your sales with a hip Instagram story animation. Create professional-looking graphics for your Shop’s teaser image.

Canva is the lazy way to make your Shop’s design and ads pop.

Do Fonts Really Matter?

tl;dr: Yes.

Heard enough? Try the Canva Font Combination Tool to start making beautiful ads now.

Not convinced yet? Feeling defensive about your use of Comic Sans?

Well, think of it this way: typography works just like the cover of a book. It draws attention to the content. It makes people want to read more. (Or not.)

Typography can make or break your ads. It’s no mystery why lawyers don’t use magenta 48pt fonts. Your typography creates a mood, holds people’s focus, and helps people recognize your brand.


Fonts are just one element of typography. Choose carefully. A font should be easy to read. The character spacing should help the text flow smoothly. Your font should add to and enhance your ad, rather than distract from it.

Use the right font combinations and let your content shine.


Text color is another important part of compelling typography. For help choosing your color scheme, check out this blogpost about Canva’s handy-dandy color tools.


How do you emphasize important words or sentences? Guide your readers with a clear hierarchy. Organize longer texts with headings, subheadings and short paragraphs. Make important words or exciting messages large and bold to catch the reader’s eye.

How Does the Font Combinations Tool Work?

Canva’s Font Combination Tool couldn’t be easier. You select a font you like, and the tool suggests a perfect match to compliment it. If only online dating matches were so simple.

Give it a go and start making gorgeous ads today.

Try It Out

What do you think of the Font Combination Tool? What are your most beloved and loathed fonts? Want to publicly shame a website for using Comic Sans? Tell us in the comments below!

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