Toolbox: Your Guide to Facebook Ads

Toolbox: Your Guide to Facebook Ads

Are you using Facebook or Instagram to advertise your Shop? Explore how Facebook ads work with the Facebook Ads Guide.

Why Use Facebook Ads for my Spreadshop?

Question: how many people you know AREN’T on Facebook or Instagram? Not so many, right? Even grandmas have Facebook nowadays.

The numbers speak for themselves: 1.6 billion people worldwide are connected to a small business on Facebook. That’s more than the population of China (Fun fact: it’s 1.42 billion) That’s a whole lot of people, and if you’re not advertising on Facebook or Instagram, you’re missing your piece of the pie.

It’s worth a bit of investment. The more intelligently you target your audience, the more your advertising investment will pay off.

The requirements for Facebook advertisements are different in each format and placement. It’s important to know which dimensions, file sizes and character limits to respect to get the most out of your ads.

Which Ad Format is Right for Me?

The beauty of Facebook advertisements is in their variety. Choose the format that fits your campaign best. Ads can appear in the Facebook News Feed, Stories, or Messenger.

Here’s a breakdown of the formats that make sense for your Spreadshop and the requirements of each.


Why use a photo ad?

  • Get people to visit your website
  • Make it quickly and easily
  • Raise awareness of your Shop and products

For more details on the Photo Ad Format and some useful tips, click here.

Find out about the requirements for photo ads here.


Why go for video? It’s the most modern and attention-grabbing way to advertise. Facebook predicts that by 2021, 78% of online advertisement will be video. Be on the right side of the trend and keep your campaigns ahead of the curve.

Find out about the requirements for video ads here.


Stories appear on Instagram and Facebook. Between seeing snippets of their friends’ night out or their roommate’s new kitten, your customers will get a quick, flashy look at your brand.

For tips on creating effective Instagram and Facebook Stories, check out Facebook’s helpful guide.


20 billion messages are exchanged on Facebook Messenger every month. Read that sentence again and the benefits of advertising in such a high-traffic area are obvious.


Not quite as fun as a fairground ride for kids, but still a great way to show off multiple images or videos in one content-packed ad.

When you want engagement, a carousel ad that customers can click through creates curiosity and inspires more clicks.

Find out about the requirements for carousel ads here.


This format takes your photo ads up a notch and shows off the variety on offer in your Shop. Customers will see a fast-loading gallery view with one featured image and four smaller images. Each image will lead them seamlessly to your Shop or to purchase.

Learn about the requirements for collection ads here.

Ready to learn more about Facebook Ads and get your Shop Ads up to snuff?

Read Facebook Ads Guide

Are you using Facebook Ads to promote your Shop? How’s it going? Have any tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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