Learn how your products are sorted

Learn how your products are sorted

It’s easy to rearrange the designs in your Shop, but arranging products can be a bit tricky. Learn how to get your Shop organized today.

Looking for maximum sales success with minimum effort? Then our standard product sorting is the best choice for your shop. This is an automatic sorting process that we regularly check and adjust. This ensures that both our bestsellers and products from the most important categories such as men’s, women’s, children’s and accessories are displayed in your shop.

Oh, and keep in mind that these lists are maintained separately for our platforms in Europe and the USA (incl. Canada and Australia) and display accordingly on the different domains.

How to change product sorting

You can easily adjust the product list with the following options. (= “All products”) First, decide how many products you want to display for each design and choose whether you want to display a larger variety of products or show off your range of designs (Edit Shop > Pages > Product List > Sort).

Then you can select the “sorting mode” you want to display your products. With the “Product variety” option, you show the maximum range of the products in your shop. This option is recommended if you only have a few designs and want to sell to a variety of customers. Shops with many designs should go for the “Design variety” option for a better overview of what you have to offer. Your best bet is to try out the different options and decide what suits your shop best.

Please note, however, that these options cannot be applied to the individual list pages, such as “Women” > “Sweaters & Hoodies” or the theme pages. These list pages are always organized by our standard sorting.

Customize product selection

In some cases, it may be to your advantage not to display certain design-product combinations. These could be T-shirt designs that simply don’t make sense on a mug, or designs for toddlers that look great on a tiny t-shirt but not on a men’s hoodie. The easiest way to hide silly or embarrassing combinations is to edit the product selection for your individual designs directly in your Partner Area. Try things out and you’ll soon see how you can best present your products to your customers.

Which product sorting features would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments.

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