Are you a member of the Spreadshop Facebook Group?

Are you a member of the Spreadshop Facebook Group?

No, you say? What’s that, you ask? The Spreadshop Facebook group is an easier way to connect with all things Spreadshop. Find out what the group can do for you.

Spreadshop has a Facebook group! We created the group for all you Facebook-using Shop Owners out there to connect with each other and us here at Spreadshop, all from the comfort of your familiar social media platform.

No need to use our Forum or send emails—the group is your space to meet fellow Shop Owners, discuss current Shop topics, and get help from our Spreadshop team. It’s easy, fun and accessible.

So what are you waiting for?

Go like us on Facebook and join the Spreadshop Facebook Group today!


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1 year ago

The link to the facebook group doesn’t work. It’s a hidden group.

Christine Williamson
Christine Williamson
1 year ago

Links not working

Marcus Carter
Marcus Carter
2 years ago

Where is the Facebook Group? I don’t see it.

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