Shop of the Month January 2020 – ‘Til Death Do You Tweet

Shop of the Month January 2020 – ‘Til Death Do You Tweet

Our first Shop of the Month has your digital footprint at it heart. Stephanie Humphrey offers help against cyberbullying and shares helpful tips with you to get both your digital life and Spreadshirt merch up to scratch. Check it out!

Stephanie Humphrey, your Spreadshop features the logo of your company ‘Til Death Do You Tweet. Can you explain the name for us?

The name ‘Til Death Do You Tweet helps to reinforce the idea that everything you do online will be there for as long as the internet exists. With the way data is stored, anything that gets posted online will always searchable and recoverable in some form. It’s also the name of our organization.

How do you help people prevent posting ill-advised stuff online?

I help people understand that we all have a personal brand that is represented in many ways. We talk about social media and your digital footprint specifically. That’s the most effective way to grow and maintain your personal brand. At the same time, it’s also the most effective way to damage your brand. Once you understand that responsibility, we talk about the potential negative consequences of managing your brand improperly online. This makes you more aware of what you post.

Your services are directed at groups as diverse as students, parents and businesses. Which group do you think is the most vulnerable and why?

Students are definitely the most vulnerable group that I speak to. This is the group where we’re seeing the worst-case scenarios relating to online use. Youth suicides from cyberbullying have consistently been on the rise in the past few years. There is a different sense of urgency that I have with that group.

A word of advice: what can we do if we have committed a faux-pas online and get at the receiving end of negative feedback? 

If you find yourself mired in “cancel culture” because of something you posted, it makes sense to take a break from social media for a little while. You can deactivate your account so that you don’t have to delete it entirely. Delete the offending posts, and once you’re back online make a commitment to mindfulness in your social media interactions. If you give yourself a few seconds to think before you post, you can avoid a lot of those mistakes.

Another word of advice: how do you promote your Spreadshop? Subtle hints, social-media marketing or word-of-mouth?

I’ve been focusing on social media marketing to promote my Shop, but I also wear the merch at my presentations. So word-of-mouth has also been effective as well.

So far, your company logo is the only design on offer. Did you design it yourself? And are you planning on offering more designs?

I hired a graphic designer for my logo. For the foreseeable future, that will probably be the only design I offer. But I do plan to offer the design on more products going forward.

Your Spreadshop motto is Buy Merch. Support Good Digital Citizenship. Do you get any feedback about how your merch helps spreading your message?

I have had a few people let me know that they were purchasing merch specifically to promote ‘Til Death Do You Tweet. Because they believe in the message! It’s my hope that the logo will be a conversation starter around good digital citizenship.

Any tips you care to share for anyone looking to sell their merch online?

If you can get some of the people that buy your merch to post pics of themselves wearing it, that multiplies your marketing efforts. Just make sure they tag you! Also, tell a story. Let people know why you came up with a particular design and what it means to you. Share a little about yourself, too. People want to buy from people they relate to.

Famous last words?

I want to encourage everyone reading this to support ‘Til Death Do You Tweet. I’m passionate about helping people understand how to be good digital citizens and making the internet a little nicer for everyone. And don’t forget – think before you post and protect your brand!

Thanks everyone at ‘Til Death Do You Tweet and Stephanie Humphrey! Let’s make the Internet what it should be – a place of goodwill and merchandise ?

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