Ok, Google: Find My Shop

Ok, Google: Find My Shop

Is your Shop showing up in Google search results? Here’s how to boost your visibility on the world’s most important search engine.

Why do Google results matter for my Shop?

Unless you’ve been living under a very large rock, you know that Google is the go-to search engine for most people. Appearing in Google search results is key to running a successful online merch business. More visibility on large platforms will bring more people to your Shop—which will lead to more sales!

Wondering why your Shop isn’t appearing in Google search results?

Before you appear on Google, there are a few things that Google does to insure accurate search results.

First Google’s search engine needs time to “crawl” and analyze your Shop to understand what it’s about and what the relevant search terms are to land there. This process can take a little time. After that, your Shop is ranked by comparing its content to other websites that cover similar topics.

How can we mere mortals influence Google’s super-bots? Is there a way to speed up this process?

Alas, the super-bots work in mysterious ways. The only short-cut available is to feed Google your Shop’s information more directly by creating an account with Google Search Console. This handy service features tools and reports to help you check on your site’s performance and fix issues.

What do I do next?

Create a Google Search Console account and connect your Shop with your new Google site verification ID.

You can connect your Shop with the Search Console right in your Shop Admin. Simply go to Shop Admin > Marketing > Web Analytics > Google Search Console. Once connected, your visibility on Google should improve.

Google Search Console is also a helpful tool for those of you whose Shops are embedded into your own websites. To get Google to analyze and index a certain page of your website, go to your Google Search Console Menu > URL Inspection > Search field: inspect any URL in “…” > Request Indexing.

Good luck out there!

 Do you have other questions about search engine optimization? Ask away…

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2 years ago

Google search console doesn’t work on my page https://shop.spreadshirt.nl/Cheekyshirt/ ,
This is the message i get.

“Indexering toegestaan?

Nee: ‘noindex’ gedetecteerd in metatag ‘robots’ “.

Can you fix this?

Heri Wijaya
Heri Wijaya
2 years ago

Structured data for products on the search console is not 100% valid. Please repair

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