Add Your Logo to Your Invoices

Add Your Logo to Your Invoices

If you want a successful Shop, you need a brand people will recognize and remember. Make your brand more memorable by adding your logo to your Shop invoices.

After ordering and delivery, your customers receive their product and an invoice. They might even keep their invoice for their records. Including your logo on your invoice will help jog your customer’s memory and give your brand more credibility. It’s easy—all you have to do is upload a logo in your Shop settings.

How to Upload Your Logo

Invoices are printed in black and white and are sent to your customers with their order. Your logo must be a black and white graphic with a resolution of 1000x250px. The file size must not exceed 400kb. You can upload your logo under “Edit shop” > “Appearance” > “Logo”.

Do you have any questions about shop invoices? Leave a comment!

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1 year ago

What does it look like on the actual invoice?

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