Plan Your Promos: March – July 2020

Plan Your Promos: March – July 2020

Your promotion calendar is now in your hands! Check out what’s coming up.

UPDATE: For com., and .ca Shops promotions are temporarily unavailable due to due to COVID-19 and limited production capacities!

From now on, you have full control over the timing of your Shop’s promos. You decide when and if to run all Spreadshop’s promotions.

You are free to adjust the date up to 30 days before or after Spreadshop’s given start date. You can also choose not to offer the discount at all if you prefer. Make your adjustments here: Shop Settings > Prices & Promos > Promos.

Here’s an example of how you can now adjust your promos:

Spreadshop is running a 20% off discount from April 29th-30th. You’re free to move the start date back or forward by 30 days. So you can offer your discount from March 30th at the earliest to May 29th at the latest.
You can only offer one discount at a time in your shop. Since there are more discount campaigns planned between March 30th and May 29th, only the days that do not overlap with other planned promos can be selected.

Here’s the calendar of Spreadshop’s upcoming planned promotions. How will you schedule them for your Shop?

March 18th – March 20th: 20% off everything

April 15th – April 19th: 15% off everything

April 29th – April 30th: 20% off everything

May 6th – May 10th: Free Shipping

May 20th – May 23rd: 15% off everything

June 3rd – June 6th: Free Shipping

June 24th – June 28th: 15% off everything

July 8th – July 12th: Free Shipping

Want to learn more about how Spreadshop promos work under our new commission model? Find out all the details in our FAQ.

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