Spreadshop April 9th COVID-19 Update

Spreadshop April 9th COVID-19 Update

Our carrier DHL is currently unable to offer delivery to North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), Uruguay, Hong Kong and Thailand. Please note, this will only affect orders placed from Shops on our EU platform, as DHL is our European shipping carrier.

Due to complications caused by COVID-19, our carrier DHL will not deliver packages to the USA, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, Hong Kong and Thailand. Customers shopping from these countries will be temporarily unable to place orders from your Shop. The check-out option for these countries has been temporarily deactivated.

Unfortunately, this temporary measure has been necessitated due to this strange twist of fate. As soon as we have more information, we’ll be sure to update you.

Until then, we hope you are staying safe and healthy. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please let us know in the comments below.

Notable Replies

  1. At least the company is going by the best safety methods possible. Good to know spreadshop isn’t one of these companies that want to take peoples money do bad that they ignore the safety and health of its customers and partners.

  2. Indeed there are also issues with Thailand. DHL currently doesn’t deliver to Thailand. I’ve adapted the info in our blogpost and in this forum thread. The parcel is currently underway to the alternative address that was provided in the UK!

  3. Thanks for following up Lena - the alternative address is actually me :slight_smile: - I’ll hang on to it until the deliveries start flowing or I might get a chance to give it to her in person once the travel ban is lifted!

  4. No worries at all - strange times we are living in - we just got to keep adapting to the situation :grimacing:

  5. Actually they had already replied before I got in touch with them :wink: But of course I was happy to help!

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