Increased Design Upload Limit

Increased Design Upload Limit

Hey there cool cats and kittens, we’ve got some good news! The design upload limit has temporarily increased to 20 designs per day.

On April 1st, we temporarily reduced the design upload limit to 5 designs per day. While certain changes remain in effect for the time being, some things at Spreadshop are starting to inchworm closer to normal.

As of May 6th, 2020, our design upload limit has been increased to 20 designs per day. This also remains a temporary measure. However, as life starts to calm down we’ll look forward to (eventually) fully restoring the design upload limit back to 50 designs per day.

We hope you’re staying healthy and inspired. We look forward to seeing all of the designs you’ve created in quarantine! If you have any questions, please let us know in the Forum or the comments below.

Notable Replies

  1. Please reprogram upload counter to after the picture uploads? I have a bad internet connection (City wifi) and every failed upload is counting against me. I got 5 up yesterday and only 1 today. Check my account, only one and I hit the limit.

  2. Hi @mattbullis, thanks for your feedback. Soon we will increase the upload limit even further to 50 designs per day. That then should be covered by that change. I have however passed along your feedback :slight_smile:

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