Temporary Design Upload Limit

Temporary Design Upload Limit

At Spreadshop, we’re no exception to the challenges and changes COVID-19 presents. Our most recent change is that there will be a temporary limit to how many designs you can upload to your Partner Area.

Until now, you’ve been able to add up to 50 designs to your Partner Area per day. Currently it takes longer to check designs – for example for quality. This is due to the fact that our employees are working from home office. We had to adjust certain resources and processes so that we can continue to support you. Until further notice, you’ll only be able to upload up to five designs per day. This is a temporary adjustment and will take effect April 1st, 2020 at the latest. By doing this, we eliminate the amount of time you would need to wait for your designs to be checked.

Please note, this change will not affect how many designs you can publish to your Shop. Next time you’re adding designs to your Partner Area, just keep the limit in mind. Once the upload limit has been restored to 50, we’ll let you know. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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  1. I understand things have to be limited under the circumstances but spreadshop gets paid a majority amount of the sales (also understandable since it’s your platform) but with that said you are really limiting OUR ability as individuals to be successful with your platform. As a new sign up, I was enjoying it until I also changed my mind a couple times then hit my limit. Sometimes it doesn’t look like you want so you start over! It shouldn’t count because nobody has to look at it to approve anything when it’s not done!!

    I’m now looking for different option.

  2. The design upload limit has been grueling to work with, as we customarily upload designs in batches of about a dozen. However, I do understand that this is a temporary change due to the current situation. IMO the far larger and more chronic inconvenience is the store limit! Our business works with large groups of volunteers in the context of 1-year programs, and each new cohort receives their own store. The 10-store limit really is straining for our business, but it would be a shame to discontinue this tradition, since the cohorts really do love their merch! Are there any plans to change this limit?

    • There aren’t but can you let me know your shop ID so we can have a closer look at the usecase? Is there some more information that you can provide regarding your usecase?
      Thanks !! 🙂

      And thank you as well for understanding the temporary upload limit. We know it’s annoying and I feel you. Hopefully things will be back to normal-ish soon-ish 🙂

  3. The 5 design limit is a bit harsh because it is counting the uploaded files which may be rejected and not published. I have only published 1 design today and have reached my limit because I changed my mind a couple of times. Given the lockdown situation, it would be great if you could increase this to 15 uploads, if possible.

    • I totally agree. I was uploading 5, but it didn’t go anywhere in 30mins and I refreshed my browser and had to wait whole day to upload again! Now I uploaded them and noticed one typo and now I have to wait AGAIN whole day to upload them again! tiring especially as I am just starting out and I would love to get content in as soon as I finish!

    • Hi Miikka,

      We know this situation sucks and we’re sorry but this crisis is forcing us to change certain things as well to keep everyhting going. We hope you understand. This is really just temporary 🙂

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