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Out with the old, in with the new! This month’s product updates include new and inclusive sizes and a few goodbyes. Here’s to spring cleaning and re-energising your Shop with the latest products.

New Sizes

ID 6 Men’s Shirt

The men’s shirt is now available in sizes 3XL and 4XL for the colour royal blue.

ID 1047 Unisex Hoodie

The unisex hoodie is now available in sizes 3XL and 4XL for the colours navy and heather grey.

ID 1266 Polo Shirt

The polo shirt will now be available in sizes 3XL and 4XL.

ID 5 Unisex Sweatshirt

The unisex sweatshirt will now be available in S and 3XL.

Product Deactivation

ID 1287 Men’s Long-sleeved Shirt

The men’s long-sleeved shirt will be deactivated once it’s sold out. But worry not! We have similar versions of this product up our sleeve and we will share them with you soon.

Colour Deactivation

ID 1249 Hoodie Dress

The hoodie dress will be deactivated in the colours fuchsia and navy. Head’s up, this is part of a plan to transition to a new hoodie dress in the coming months. Our new hoodie dress will not be offered in fuchsia and navy, so this will give you some time to adjust your Shop accordingly.

We’ve only had a few changes this month. We encourage you to head over to your Shop and see if these product changes will affect your inventory.

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Ethan Valenzia
2 years ago

Nice merch

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