Stronger Together with The Pink Bus

Stronger Together with The Pink Bus

With a desire to make a difference, Sarah Love brings families in need essential supplies by way of her pink Volkswagen bus. With the Stronger Together project and a Spreadshop, Sarah is able to continue raising funds to deliver much needed supplies to her community.

The Pink Bus does more than just bring necessary items to those facing food insecurity, it also delivers smiles, positive energy, and kindness. In their new merch Shop, you’ll find just that. T-shirts covered in rainbows and the organizations namesake, a pink bus.

We would love to start by learning more about your business. How did The Pink Bus come to be? 

It’s most likely my mission started at birth. As long as I can remember, I have helped people in various ways in times of need. A shoulder to cry on, fundraising or delivering meals. A dear friend died in a house fire, and I stood outside their house for seven days straight, and raised over $10,000 for their family. Overtime, my focus has been providing families with meals and essentials to create meals. I am a firm believer that a family’s best memories of connection happen around a table with food on it.

We’re sorry to hear about your friend, difficult times definitely have the power to be transformative. How has your business been affected by COVID-19?

I read somewhere ‘Evolve or Dissolve’ and interestingly enough, that is what I was already doing with my business, and personal life. I started serving less meals to people and started providing them with essentials instead. It’s all about adapting!

Why did you start selling merch? Why did you choose Spreadshop as the platform to do this?

After researching, and following a friend’s shop, it seemed like the easiest and fastest way to get from point A to B.

How have you been marketing your Shop? 

Mainly social media and I have also personally taken the time to reach out to friends via text. I ask them how they are managing through Covid and then I tell them about the shop!

What has the response been like from your customers?

They think the designs are adorable and they layout of the shop is so simple to navigate. Several people have commented on the good quality of products!

How did you create the designs you are offering in your Shop? 

I hired a childhood friend, who is a professional graphic designer for a picture of The Pink Bus- he is also a VW fanatic so it was a perfect fit. My rainbow watercolor design was created by my favorite 4-year-old.

Any advice for other businesses that are thinking of selling merch, opening a Spreadshop or that are new to print-on-demand?

I had my shop up and running in less than a day. There is potential to keep adding designs as your business grows. Spreadshop has been almost too easy- and it’s free. You have everything to gain from this!

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