Plan Your Promos: May—June 2020 (North America & Oceania)

Plan Your Promos: May—June 2020 (North America & Oceania)

Good things are coming your way… Read up on our newest promotions for .com, .ca, and Shops!

How to run a promotion in your Shop

The promo power is in your hands. Adjust the date you’ll run the promotion up to 30 days before or after Spreadshop’s start date. For example, let’s say you want to run our promotion for May. Spreadshop’s start date for the promotion is May 27th, 2020. So, you can run the promotion up to 30 days before this start date or 30 days after.

No promo, no problem! If you don’t want to offer a promotion in your Shop, you don’t have to. Make sure to adjust your Shop settings accordingly: Shop Settings > Prices & Promos > Promos.

Promotion guidelines

You might’ve heard the news that we’ve added face coverings to our Spreadshop product range. Please note, these items are not eligible for a promotional discount. Additionally, you can only offer one promotional discount at a time in your Shop.

Upcoming promotions

  • May 27th – May 28th: 15% off everything
  • June 10th – June 11th: 15% off everything

Are you curious about how promotional campaigns work under our new commission model? Our FAQ will fill you in.

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Henry Larry
Henry Larry
19 days ago

Thanks for the heads up on the promotional discounts and the reminder about adjusting shop settings accordingly. Looking forward to seeing how the new commission model impacts promotional campaigns.
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