Super-size your Promos

Super-size your Promos

Discounts encourage your customers to shop. Draw more attention to your promos with customized XL banners.

The normal promo banner is displayed on all your Shop pages during ongoing promotions— not only on the start page, but also in the product or design view. You can adapt the look of the banner to fit your Shop’s style in your Shop settings under Appearance > Promotion Appearance. You can change the background and/or the text color of the banner. You can also choose from our background gallery or upload your own background graphic.

Go big or go home

Make sure your promo banner gets noticed! Activate your XL banner in your homepage settings under “Promotion Appearance”.

CTA: Activate Your Banner

What other customization options would you like for the discount campaigns in your Shop? Let us know in the comments.

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Henry Larry
Henry Larry
1 month ago

Sure I will definitely activate the XL banner for my shop. It is crucial to stand out and grab customers attention in a crowded market.
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Karen Jones
3 years ago

Promo codes! It would be good to offer promo codes to new clients instead of only being able to do it for the whole site and all customers.

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