Paperless Production: Behind the Scenes at Spreadshop

Paperless Production: Behind the Scenes at Spreadshop

We’ve made our printing process greener. Get an inside look at how we’re reducing Spreadshop’s environmental impact.

Until recently, every item printed digitally for your customers by Spreadshop was accompanied through the printing process by a “batch card.” Each batch card was about 1.5 pages of paper containing all the important information about your order.

In our production halls, your products pass through many hands and several important steps before they’re packaged and shipped out to your customers. A sheet of paper for each item was a messy and wasteful system that sometimes resulted in mix-ups and setbacks… not to mention mountains of needless paper waste!

Smarter & Greener

We’ve replaced the wasteful batch cards with a less-waste digital solution: stickers! Your products now get a sticker with a bar code instead of a sheet of paper. The folks in our production facilities just need to scan the sticker to see all the relevant information about your order.

This clever fix reduces confusion, eliminates the paper waste of our old method, and speeds up our digital printing process by nearly 25%. That means faster delivery for your customers, more accurate printing results, and approx. 270k sheets of paper saved every month! Over a year, that makes a whopping 3,240,000 sheets —enough paper to save about 150 trees!

What’s Next?

In a couple weeks, all products printed with the Flex printing method will also go paperless. All other print types, for example thermo sublimations used to print mugs, still work with the printed batch cards for now. But our goal is to run a completely paperless production system by the end of the year.

Do you have more ideas about how Spreadshop can make our processes more environmentally friendly? We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Saving Trees is as good as
    Saving Mother Earth is as good as
    Saving Life is as good as
    Saving ourselves.

    I appreciate Spreadshirt…

  2. I am a Spreadshirt designer and I have to say I couldn’t be happier for this upgrade that not only benefits the company process but also the customers and saving trees at the same time!!! Congratulations for this smart choice and hopefully you will keep updating to alternative means to help our planet. I’m so happy to be part of this.

    One thing you could consider is recycled plastic clothing, there are some brands out there that make their nylon and polyester out of recycled bottles, that would really help the plastic waste

    • Hi Linn,

      Thanks for your kind feedback. We’re also happy about these developments. We understand the need for more environmentally clothing as well as packaging and will be working towards improving this in the coming years.


    • Hi Mohit,

      You do have the same feature and can discover it in your shop under Shop Settings > Appearance > Logo.


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