Face Masks Available for Promo Campaigns from June 4th

Face Masks Available for Promo Campaigns from June 4th

We keep adding new promo campaigns to your Spreadshop. From June 4th, 2020, face masks can be promoted for discount campaigns like other products. Find out more!

Face masks are in high demand these days – for obvious reasons! Now they can be used for promo campaigns again, just like our 100+ other products.  Be sure to advertise them in the following campaigns:

  • June 24th—28th: 15% off everything (EU only)
  • July 8th—12th: 15% off everything (EU only)
  • June 10th—11th: 15% off everything (North America only)

As always, promos can be pushed forward or backward by up to 30 days. You can also turn them on or off at any time. Keep your eyes peeled for the next free shipping campaign in the near future!

More smart tips for planning your promos and Shop campaigns can be found here.

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