Customize Tool Updates

Customize Tool Updates

The customize tool just got a whole lot more, well, customizable. From color choices to adding filters, we’ve got everything you need to keep you in the know.

What’s the customize tool?

The customize tool allows your customers to….

  • Adjust the color of designs
  • Choose and change a product from our product range
  • Choose a design from Marketplace designs
  • Select a different design in your Shop
  • Add text in available fonts, shapes, sizes and colors
  • Upload their own graphics or pictures

Until now, your customers were unable to see which designs could or could not be customized. If a customer chose to upload their own designs, the designs were limited to perfect shapes or forms (like a circle, heart, etc…)

What’s new with the customize tool?

Your customers can now choose from 13 color and mood filters when uploading their designs! They’ll also be able to see which of your designs can be color customized or adjusted using the tool. Please note, only vector designs can be customized.

What’s the next step?

If you’re sold on the customize tool, add it to your Shop! Go to Shop Settings > Page Settings > Customize Tool.

The customize tool is an optional choice for you to feature in your Shop. In order for your customers to have access to the new filters, you must make sure that “Allow customers to upload images” is switched on.

We’re hoping the customize tool updates will give your customers a better experience. Happy customers = more sales!

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