Custom Promo Material for your Spreadshop

Custom Promo Material for your Spreadshop

Vying for new customers on social media? Spreadshop’s new “Social Media Sharing” tool lets you create product and discount teasers in a matter of clicks to enter the fray.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest – your social networks are perfect for advertising your Spreadshop products and discount campaigns. Increase your sales and use attractive and professionally designed images for your advertising needs. The new “Social Media Sharing” tool lets you create appealing teasers in next to no time.

What is this?

You need custom teasers to meet the demands of your target group? Easy. Use the “Social Media Sharing” tool for your own custom products teasers or discount campaign teasers. You’ll get the teaser in the right format immediately, so that you can share your customized content on your social-media networks straight away.

How does it work?

Open the “Social Media Sharing” tool in the shop settings (Shop Settings > Marketing > Social Media Sharing). Now you’re already in the right place to create social-media teasers for your products or a promo campaign. It’s so quick and easy that you can create a new teaser at any time. A change in the weather? Create a product teaser for t-shirts and tank tops. A free shipping campaign? Tell your customers that now is the time to order in your shop.

When creating a product teaser, first choose the design you want to use for advertising. Then you decide on a product type. You’ll only see product types that you already offer in your shop. Then choose a product view and customize your product teaser with your own headline, branding and background.

Teasers for discount promotions can also be personalized. First select the discount campaign you want to advertise. Then add your own text and customize it with your own branding or background. That’s it – you’re done!

Here we go!

Now you can download your product and discount teasers for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. Or share them directly with your smartphone! When using a computer, just upload the image file in your browser as usual.

And when sharing it with your smartphone (both on Android or iOS), all you need to do is activate your phone’s camera and hold it over the QR code. The code will be recognized automatically, and the teaser will be displayed. Just tap on “Share Now” to share your content. Please note that you may need to install a QR-code reader app.

Do you like the new social-media sharing feature? Is there another social network we should add to our list? Let us know in the comments!

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2 years ago

Selling the market and do you sell the products in dubai.

2 years ago

Yes I am happy that’s way I join marketing

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