Shop of The Month: Colombian English

Shop of The Month: Colombian English

Our featured Shop of the month is Colombian English. Powered by social media and community, this Shop is all about cool designs, cultural fusion and a good sense of humor.

Hi there, can you tell us a bit about how you came up with the idea for your Spreadshop, Colombian English?

 #ColombianEnglish was born as a hashtag on Twitter, with people sharing Colombian slang in English, instead of Spanish. Very Colombian expressions like “put it eye” (pay attention) or “This Monday is bridge” (when we have long weekends due to a holiday).

So that’s where your Colombian English design inspiration comes from, it’s genius! Can you tell us a bit about what your creative process is like?

It all started with family reunions, we used to share coffee, a cup of tea or hot chocolate every Saturday at my grandma’s. So, I started to write every funny phrase, quote or word. When I completed the first 100, I started the social media accounts; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Right now, I have more than 500 different quotes. Our followers send quotes too, so we use that with our design, and the best ones become T-shirts.

What’s the role of social media in your work? How have you built up your followers and fan base? Which designs are the most popular?

 Social Media is where it all started, so it’s very important. Actually, I think Colombian English is more of a community than a store. We started on social media more than five years ago, and started selling T-shirts two years ago in Colombia, and now worldwide thanks to Spreadshirt. We have some classics like “Leave me healthy, parce” (parcero) which means something like “Leave me alone, dude”. Or when something happens in the news, some quotes become popular.

Did you start selling merch because followers were requesting it? Or did your followers find you after you started selling merch?

A friend suggested that we should sell merch, so I started with mugs (they’re easier to produce), then T-shirts. Now… the sky is the limit hahaha.

You’ve got a great friend, what a nice idea. What impact do you want your designs to have on the world and the people who wear them?

We are basically a “meme” community. We make fun of ourselves as Latinos or Colombians, so we want people to have fun, to smile or laugh. And to be proud of Latino culture.

The fusion of cultures in your designs is vibrant and sometimes a little silly (in the best way)— which design is your personal favorite?

My favorite is “Always chimbita, Never inchimbita”, which is Colombian slang for something like “Always cool, never un-cool”. Or when we say hi in Bogotá (capital of Colombia), we say “Hola, ¿qué más?” which in a word-by-word translation would be “Hello, what more?”. I have that T-shirt too. And I make six new designs every other month.

How did you discover Spreadshop and why did you choose to stick with it to sell your merch?

I found you on Google, and it was the best option. I love that you have worldwide shipping, and a lot of products (not only T-shirts, but mugs, hoodies, etc.). And, of course, that it is sooo easy to use.

Well, we’re glad to have you here! How do you get the word out about your Spreadshop? What marketing tactics have you found to be the most useful? How do you use your social media presence to market your merch?

Right now, we only use it with our social media accounts. This month we plan to start with ads.

What advice do you have for someone who is interested in opening a Spreadshop?

Do it! It’s easy to upload your designs and you will sell from day one.

Thanks, Colombian English for sharing your process with us, we’re soo glad to have you as a part of the Spreadshop community!

 Have you checked out the Colombian English Spreadshop yet?

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Sammy Fadragaa
3 years ago

I just opened my T-shirt store. I am happy for your success, can you give me any tips to make my store better.

3 years ago
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