New: Women’s Organic T-Shirt (EU)

New: Women’s Organic T-Shirt (EU)

We’ve replaced the Women’s Organic T-Shirt with a style that has a more flattering cut. Now it will fit your customers like a glove.

Our Women’s Organic T-Shirt from Continental Clothing’s ‘Earth positive’ collection is good for the environment. It’s made exclusively with renewable energy and from 100% organic cotton.

The former style was smaller than usual, so we’ve replaced it with another model from the same collection. The product ID, price, and print areas will stay the same.

Here are the differences from the previous style

  • The shirt is now true to size
  • Two new color additions
  • The fabric weighs 145 g/m2
  • Available in the sizes XS-XL

Color changes

The previous colors black, white, heather gray and navy will stay the same. Pink has been replaced with a lighter neon pink (the color ID is the same). Finally, dark red has been replaced by the color red.

Women’s Organic T-Shirt (ID 461)

  • Round neckline
  • Durable fabric; 145 g/m2
  • Material: 100% organic cotton

Print & price details

  • Print areas: 28.56 cm x 51.1 cm (front), 29.1 x 59.53 cm (back), 9.21 x 9.39 cm (sleeves)
  • Print type: Digital Direct (DD), accepts pixel and vector files (recommended for the design is 4000 x 4000 Pixels; PNG)
  • Pricing varies for the UK and IE/EU.

Any questions or comments about these changes? Leave a comment or let us know in the forum.

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stoked stokedonline
3 months ago

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Henry Larry
Henry Larry
3 months ago

Great to see the improvements. The true to size fit and additional colors will surely attract more customers. Looking forward to more eco friendly updates like this.
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